Rambunctious Roundup: Fyre and Ice

Another week, another Fyre documentary on the streaming services. Meanwhile, all around the USA, there’s a polar vortex that’s making cities like Chicago even colder than Antarctica. The roundup is here for you, no matter the weather.… Read More Rambunctious Roundup: Fyre and Ice

The Dangers of Falling Asleep Early

I am rudely awakened by my wife, who has just returned from working the evening shift at the hospital. She says in frustration: “You weren’t watching the kids?” I get up immediately shaking the sleep out of my eyes. 12:30 AM. And the two youngest kids are not in bed.

“What happened? What did they do?” I say. Grogginess disappears with the expectation of disaster.

“Take a look,” she says with hands indicating the stairway and the carpet. … Read More The Dangers of Falling Asleep Early