Yucky Tales from Restaurants Abroad

Excerpts from a chat with close friend MiaMoll:

“That happened here to A. He went to a Subway restaurant. He got his soda cup then went to the ice dispenser. Then he noticed there was a black ice cube. When he looked closely, it wasn’t a black ice cube but a cockroach. It had probably been in the ice dispenser for hours. When he called the manager, the manager said, ‘Sorry sir, I’ll just give you another cup.'”


“Then, my friend and I went to a Pinoy restaurant for lunch. She ordered one bowl of mongo guisado and one cup rice. So kain kain. Then she took one spoonful of mongo and noticed something chewy. When she took the thing out of her mouth and looked at it closely … it turned out to be a USED band-aid. What’s funny was my friend was too embarrassed to complain, cause she actually put it into her mouth already!”

Yuck. Yuck.

Be careful out there.



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