TV Woes in SFO

And then there is television.

I’m writing from San Francisco. And for a first world country, the programs on regular over-the-air television are woeful excuses for entertainment. Soap operas with amnesiac millionaires. Talk shows with women saying their lover is an alien. The never-ending infomercials. Old sitcom reruns. And then, once in a while, the odd old movie. Home entertainment without cable TV here is dismal. Unless you own a Playstation 2.

The most entertaining programs I have come across however are all the relationship/dating reality shows. Two people go out on a date and their conversations are analyzed by cynics (Rendez-View). Two people are onboard a ship cruise for 3 days and you witness their fireworks (Shipmates). Five people go on a group date and at the end each one must pick a partner, those who match partners win (The 5th Wheel). Why I find these shows fun is beyond me. I guess I’m bored and lonely. This vacation is too long.

Thank goodness there’s at least one show that’s worth seeing every time it’s on: Bay Area Backroads on KRON 4. Finally– a trip through the idiosyncratic small towns and must-see tourist areas of the Bay Area.

Coolness. Now, where’s that remote?



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