Elson’s Lost Laptop

Last night, elson lost his laptop. Well not really his laptop, but Mary’s laptop. with all her p.h.d. work in it. it was left at the back of a taxicab. In the trunk, and they didn’t get the license plate or the taxi service’s name. And they didn’t get the cab from the hotel line up either. And so last night at the gig at Paradiso… they were waiting at the corner in the slight hope that it would return.

no hope there.

i could lose this anytime

i was telling elson: if the driver is good, he will return it by calling the number on the calling card in the laptop bag. if he’s not good, then it’s gone.

there’s no way i could help last night which made me feel impotent. all i could do is support them. and pray. so i pray now. that it may be returned safe and sound. that the driver may have the decency to give back what is not his.

except how can one hope against typical pinoy cabbie behavior? too many of them are spoiled and gutless, an aching for an extra buck. and too few are the ones who have the moral fiber to do what is right, much less to treat passengers like they should be treated.

so where then is the hope? in a miracle i guess. more things are wrought by prayers than this world dreams of. it won’t harm me to pray for the return.

what did that email say? that i have learned that praying for someone is as good as being able to physically help them.


wasn’t able to grill them about the details. so i dunno if they left the cab and brought the stuff out, or what… or if the cab rushed away without them noticing it… or whatever.

suddenly i realize how important it is to back up all of my files asap. because anytime, i could lose this. or it could be taken away from me.

how fleeting are the gifts given us.
we must care for them as well as we can.



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