Poem: To Sleep To Dream

it’s so easy to succumb to nothingness.
to give in to the migraine which is screwed mercilessly into my skull by the oven-like heat.
to simply give in and sleep it all off.
in slumber there is no pain.
in slumber there is no longing.
in slumber, there is constant stasis. which is what my life is about anyway.

may as well put everything on hold too. even my consciousness.

in slumber there is peace. there is no change. there is no unknown.
you know exactly what will happen and what is happening. you know exactly where you are going. to sleep.
to dream.
to float.
to give up on everything that causes you anxiety.
to drown in self-pity.
to drink in your helplessness, to succumb to the nothingness.



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