My TV Guesting on Get Real with Ces Drilon

Weird thing happened. Just this week, someone from ANC 21 (ABS-CBN News Channel) called me inviting me to be a guest in GET REAL WITH CES DRILON, a 30-minute daily talk show. I was invited because of the article I wrote for Preview magazine a month or so ago: “Are You Ready to Live Alone?”

Strange! They even sent a camera crew to the house to take some footage of me puttering about the house, with my mom and the maids, etc. Had me look for old photographs which they could use.

The actual taping of the show was this afternoon (April 25) at 2 PM. And the show aired today also at 8 PM.

Turns out my article inspired them to create a show based on that topic. Along with myself, were 2 other people I had just met that day but whom I had no problem getting along with: Erwin Luna and Hershey, as well as newscaster Alex Alikpala.

It’s strange to be on a talk show. With people actually asking YOUR opinion on things. As if I’m an expert on living alone! BWAHAHAHA. Well, looks like my being highly opinionated on certain topics worked to my advantage. So was my being overly vocal. AS in: madaldal.

Never mind if there was no talent fee or even a free merienda. I had fun. And was able to hone my skills for future talk shows.

Next stop: OPRAH! Or maybe Sis with Gelli and Janice de Belen?



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