A Cheap Vampire is Born

For a while there, I was deciding on whether to get DSL or not. I had it all calculated. It would end up cheaper than what my internet bill used to be when I was using the PLDT vibe service. I would chalk up figures of about P2,500 a month on vibe. Whereas Globe DSL is fixed at P2,000.

And then former officemate Sharic pointed out the Infocom Warpspeed prepaid internet card. Nine hours for P100. And free surfing from 12 midnight till 7 am. Bingo. Surprisingly,the conection is pretty good during this off-peak period when only vampires like myself are awake. My card will expire March 8, since the card expires 60 days from first usage. Thus far, one month into my first card, I’ve used up 5 hours. Four more.

Goodbye DSL. I am cheap and now in a relatively zombielike state, sleeping from 6 am till noon. I’m awake at past midnight anyway. I may as well use the free time given by the card. The most cost-effective Internet solution ever. As long as they keep the free hours. I feel the hunger. I want a burger. There is actually a greasy burger joint at the corner which is open 24hours. Except I’m not sure I’m that desperate.

Finally updated my website acid42.150m.com. All links work and are full. Sigh. I’m sleepy.



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