So Much for Unlimited Internet Surfing

Well, this is the problem pala with prepaid internet cards claiming unlimited surfing between midnight and 7am. While my experience in the past month has been pretty okay with my Infocom WarpSpeed card. Now that I’m nearing the point where my card’s credits are about to run out, I cannot rely on getting through during the unlimited hours. It is impossible. The past 2 days have been hell. Despite configuring my dialer for 200 tries at 1 second intervals, all I get are busy tones from the two main numbers for Metro Manila.

According to the card, you must have at least an hour’s worth of internet time left on your card for the unlimited thing to be valid. So fine. At last check, I had 1:31 of time left. And I still can’t get in. Absolutely horrific. Suddenly I am sorely tempted to go get DSL tomorrow. Except that would be the impatient thing to do. And I don’t want to get impatient and do something I haven’t really thought over.

The easiest solution is simply to get a new Warpspeed card and load up again. Sigh. Except I can’t get one right this minute. It is 12:52 AM. And I doubt whether the 7-11 in Concepcion, Marikina or the Binggo convenience store in Marikina Bayan carry Warpspeed cards. Nor do I want to venture outside in this godforsaken hour. Forget it. I’ll get a new card tomorrow.



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