Clone Live at Urban Gulaman Assembly

So Thursday night, Jan 29th, CLONE performed as a trio once more. We recruited Ria Mariano as our vocalist and performed 3 new songs and one old one from our first album (“Cry” from Demonstrandum).

The venue was a wonderful change of pace for many of us. Green Papaya Art Projects is a small cozy art gallery in Teacher’s Village, QC right next to the Bayantel building, and as such, is not a regular gig place. Which made everything old seem new again.

The delightful owners swayed Sago frontman Lourd de Veyra into organizing a performance there and Urban Gulaman Assembly was the result.

There were 4 bands that night: CLONE, Wahijuara, Drip, and Radioactive Sago Project. And despite a P50 entrance fee, the place was packed with musiclovers and artlovers.

Clone performing live

The Performers

Drip was its lovely, sultry self, the triphop band making full use of the limited space and sound system. They brought only 10 copies of their CD, and were sold out by the end of the night.

Wahijuara rocked the house with its latin jazz assault. And Radioactive Sago Project tore the roof off the already-sweltering place with its beat poetry punk jazz. They were also selling copies of their 5-song EP.

Since CLONE was punctual and complete, we actually started off the night with some laidback tunes, slowly escalating into 120bpm house beats. Ria was initially nervous but quickly got into the sway of things. Karlo wreaked sonic havoc with his plethora of beatlayers. And I rocked my laptop for all it was worth… having no controller, I went totally virtual and used Bome’s Mouse Keyboard to turn my Qwerty keys into piano keys. The sound system worked against us, as there was a lot of midrange and not enough clarity and sparkle… but all in all, it was a pretty good first outing for this new incarnation of Clone.

The CD Sales

The most interesting part in all this is: I brought about 20 CDs (a Clone album and EP, and the 2 Acid42 albums) and sold all but 5. One copy went to a member of the press, one copy will be forwarded to a German movie director, one copy went to the owner of the art gallery, another to the person who manned the booth, collected the money and kept track of all the sales while we all enjoyed ourselves.

In all, a lovely night. And one which proves the adage: the more products you have, the more stuff you can sell.


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