When I Was 8

I would draw all day in my art books made of scratch paper. I would draw about my summer vacation, or make up stories of mega-monsters in dimension X and how they would threaten the world, and only heroic men in silver space suits could save us. I would read about the Hulk and Spiderman. And I would make up these fantastic stories with my Micronauts toys which would be acted out complete with sound effects. I was all play. I was vibrant. My mind was teeming with possibiliies. And I was in Hong Kong where my family lived. My allowance was all about saving up for the latest toys. My future seemed nothing but bright. I was thinking nothing but robots and monsters and horror stories and classical music. And toys. And toys.

Link to: a drawing I did as a boy.

My drawing when I was 5

the back of my drawing



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