My Mountain Bike and the Pedals of Doom

My Golden Red Mountain BikeIt is 1am and I have just come from exercising. I figured out : if I am to survive this time of exile with my wife in some foreign land, then I better start preparing for the long haul. That includes getting some sort of exercising that does not involve wrist action or mouse button pushing. Which is why up until a month ago, I had wanted to buy a mountain bike for 6 months. I was canvassing prices and looking at the different models and brought up the idea with my wife who agreed to it (no Presidential veto there). And yet if there weren’t a weekend sale in Robinson’s Galeria Mall sometime last month and if my friends in the choir hadn’t pointed out the display of mountain bikes on sale for only about 3,000 pesos, then I still would be canvassing to this day. But anyway, I took the plunge and decided if I am to survive this exile I may as well treat myself out to some luxuries every now and then. And so i bought the bike. It was on display and it called to me because it was a shade of royal gold and fiery red that I just couldn’t resist. And so, I have been riding around, at least 3 times a week, sometimes every day, and usually at night, when there are no cars on the road, and the air is cooler.

And tonight, while biking in front of McDonalds in the downtown Marikina center, something weird happened. I had been biking for the past 15 minutes and had already noticed a weird feel to the pedals. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I stopped a few times to check them, but there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. It just felt a bit loose. And then in front of the closed McDo (which I’m sure my wife will interpret as a portent from on high to stop consumption of such fatty fast foods) the right pedal fell off. Plonk! I wasn’t speeding or anything. Probably becuase I felt there was !somehthing wrong. So that was good. Nothing untoward happened. Nothing hurt except my pride. Good thing no one was watching. I picked up the pedal and walked all the way home, guiding my bike like a lame horse.

Turns out the bolts are loose. And not from anything else but from my simply not tightening them when I got the bike. It just never occurred to me. Anyway, I got home, having had my exercise (at a lower speed), and got a pair of pliers to screw the damn things tight.

Screw those pedals, folks. Screw them well!

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17 thoughts on “My Mountain Bike and the Pedals of Doom

  1. ouch ! buti hindi ka naaccident..
    same thing happened to me…last year…

    going to the New Worlds Alliance meeting
    im skating with my inline skates when my heal lock broke down….and then i found my self rolling in the streets of greenhills..

    there at the meeting…im walking and injured!

    i hate loose bolts !


  2. actually the first time i went out on the bike, the seat started nodding its head like an enthusiastic student… kasi i had adjusted its angle and hadn;’t tightened its screws na naman.

    thats why kiddies, you must screw those screws well. haynaku. and always bring pliers wiuth you in case of emergency.:lol:


  3. agie: I will take care, i promise! love you!

    ria: gusto mong matawa lalo? the next time may mangyari, i will call you up para ikaw magsundo sa akin. tingnan natin kung matatawa ka pa.,hehehehehe


  4. how do you do it acid? the ‘long haul’…

    you know, you’re one strong man. im toasting you with my last can of beer.

    hope you get better pedals. or better yet, a better bike.


  5. hey orange,
    the “long haul” can only be survived by keeping busy doing what it is you are meant to be doing. and keeping in mind that there is hope in the future, a distant promise of something beautiful after this “valley of tears” (ika nga sa Hail holy Queen na prayer).

    kaya mo yan, sister. kaya ang lahat with prayer.


  6. Catsudon!
    i bought the bike at Sports House in Galeria.
    hehehehe. hindi rin ito top o’ the line. but at the same time, it has shock absorbers in the front AND back! yahoo. smooth ride over all manila’s potholes.


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