My Editorial Assistant Got Married

Jessica and Joe at cornell plantationsBack in 2000, I was managing editor for and had one editorial assistant, a spunky fresh grad named Jessica, to help with writing and covering events for the website. We became good friends amidst the chaos of music journalism and bitching about each other’s tastes in music.

Me: Who IS that you’re listening to?
Jessica: That’s Beth Orton.
Me: She just never stops whining, does she?
Jessica: She’s better than your mindless repetitive techno music!
(at this point, I remind her that I recommended her to management, and she better give me a ride home in her RAV4, hahahaha)

She eventually relocated to Ithaca, New York with her boyfriend Joe (who was part of a local art rock/improv band that once used a carpenter’s saw connected to a microphone for a gig in Freedom bar) when he went for his masters abroad, and they’ve been there ever since, writing beautiful poetry together (I should so assume since they are both literary geniuses).

Anyway I got an email this morning inviting me to view the pictures to their garden wedding at Cornell Plantations last Sep 24, 2004. And I feel so happy for them, knowing what a blessing and a wonderful step marriage is firsthand.

Congrats Jessica and Joe!! May you have lotsa cute roly-poly mestizo kiddies all with names starting with “J”!

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IMAGE CREDITS: Photo by Quinn Dombrowski


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