This will be my regular view come January 2005 Well not exactly. Not as you think.

This January, I will have a new job. I will be teaching Audio Production in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB for short) under the Multimedia Arts program. Which means, after years of denial, I will be back doing something I always knew i enjoyed (teaching) but which I decided to put on the backburner so I could try other things over the years. And “try other things” I definitely have.

So, teacher ulit ako. Part-time lang naman. This means 2 to 3 classes of 3 hours each (my subject is a Lab subject) teaching colleges students the basics of producing audio for their multimedia projects. This means musical scoring, sound design, a little bit about digital recording and editing. In short, everything I have learned over the past five years regarding making music on the computer for audio-video projects. In short, most everything which I enjoy doing. Which is perfect, don’t you think?

So, come January I will be commuting regularly to Taft Avenue. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there via East MRT then EDSA MRT, then LRT. i have found out that this is still faster than taking the Eastern MRt straight to Legarda and then taking a jeep to Avenida, before boarding the LRt to vito cruz. Much faster. Ah well. Distance is no matter now. Hindi naman everyday eh. Kaya ko yan!

I am so looking forward to teaching again.

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