OK this just shows you how psycho I am.

From November 5 – 21 I will be gallivanting across Brunei and Sibu, Malaysia with the CFC SOLD music ministry, playing for concerts and leading worship when we can, as well as giving talks on music ministry and wielding a keyboard in a worship setting.

Then, this year i am determined to do what i could not do last year since I was so busy getting my ass whupped at my now-defunct day job that i just didn’t have the heart to finish the novel I started.

___Yes, friends and neighbors. I am writing a novel. A haphazard 50,000 word biggie, as part of my signing up for the NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month).

___Check it out, it’s an interesting premise. You don’t win anything except the satisfaction that you and some thousands of other people all worked like bastards over the course of 30 days to produce a novel of 50,000 words minimum.

And so of course, someone comes up with the idea of doing a musical version of Nanowrimo and calls it NaSoAlMo (national solo album month), basically that you complete a solo album within the month of November, at least 30 minutes worth of music. Which is so easy for me it’s practically done right now. Just a matter of putting finishing touches. (I have, at any one time, about 20 or so instrumental electronica compositions almost all finalized.) And lookee here. I’m officially on the list.

So there.
Am I psycho or what?
I love it.
Now i must pack. Because my flight for Brunei leaves tomorrow afternoon. Lovely!

See you in 15 days.
No more blog posts till then.