celeb-manipulationThere really is something about celebrities that makes them seem to be above the rest of us mere mortals, isn’t there? I’m not sure if it’s their confidence, arrogance, or simply skin tone and general attitude of ‘hey-look-at-me-i’m-gorgeous’-ness which does it. And if none of the rest of it works, there is always the option of treating everyone else like underlings, or the added bonus of using manipulation in the way you conduct business. Tsk tsk tsk.

Maybe they just get away with so many things that they end up spoiled. There’s a thought.

See i have this client, a female almost-was (maybe closer to never-was, kasi hindi naman pwede has-been) celebrity, whose star never really ascended. She hires me to make minus ones for her, and pays me per project, an average of about 2,500 pesos. This hasn’t stopped her from asking for discounts on the price again and again. And in exasperation, i have acquiesced in the past. Technically that’s fine because i knew what i was getting into. There was even one moment last year when i mistakenly agreed to do 2 minus ones for 1,500. What a buffoon! I thought it was 1,500 each, yun pala mali ang naintindihan ko. (That’s what happens when you agree to do projects immediately after awakening — your brain hasn’t warmed up enough yet to understand minute details in your text messages.) Anyway, i vowed that would not happen again.

Then there were the numerous times when she would set a meeting only to call at the last minute and move it 30 minutes later. And this was after i had been waiting a while. It’s happened more than once already.

Finally today, we were set to meet at 12noon at glorietta 4, where i was to hand her a minus one for an R&B song by a local popstar… At 11:30 she was texting me to ask if i was coming, and whether i was going to show up. At the time i was already in SM makati, killing time looking at native crafts(?) and was all out of phone credit. Hello? In the world i inhabit, you MUST show up for a meeting that you’ve already confirmed once before! Was she thinking i would flake out on her? The nerve.

What made it extra infuriating was that at 9:35am, she texted me to ask if i could make 2 more versions of the song– one a half step lower, and the other an entire step lower than the original pitch. I had already burned the minus one onto a CDR earlier this morning, at 5am, after slaving away at it all night, and i wasn’t about to rush out of my way to give her another 2 lowered versions. So when we met kanina, i told her i had left the house early and wasn’t able to do the revisions. She said, well, she will try the pitch of the original and if she couldn’t reach it, maybe i could do a lower-pitched version, and we could meet again tomorrow? I said: ‘kaya mo iyan!’ And to myself i thought: i can always use the excuse that i have class tomorrow till friday, bwahahaha.

Hmph, if she wanted a lower version she could have had the decency to tell me BEFORE i started the project. She could also have the decency, to, for once in her life, show up on time for one of our appointments. So she thinks she can step all over me because i am not a fair-skinned celebrity male? And she can use her charm to haggle her price down to a thousand pesos? In your dreams, witch. I told her it’s not worth my time to do anything for a thousand pesos. And since she didn’t have much choice (it was a rush job), she had to go with my price of 2,500.

Tough luck, woman. The only person who can successfully manipulate me into doing things using her charms is my wife.



  1. :mad: hmmm, di talaga aasenso ang mga yan! so, way to go, man!!!saludo ako!kasi naman noh….para naman kasing bara-bara ang pag conduct ng business noh..anyway, galing mo talaga!:razz:


  2. Naku ria m, (kapatid ni sabrina M)

    kung ikaw yan, ok lang kasi mababatukan naman kita using the music stand i DONATED to you.

    so dont worry, di kita bina-blind item. ano ka? sineswerte? bwahahahahah!!!


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