New Year Sand and Surf, Classes and Relief

Let’s see. it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged– and with good reason. Ever since the new year, i’ve embarked on a new career, gotten hold of a new batch of musicians for QED, donated an Acid42 track to Artists Support Asia, [a Tsunami victims’ relief effort involving music, the proceeds of which will be donated], and basically been caught up in the mundane struggle for existence — but this time, going at it with the full zest of youth. *ahem.

What am i talking about?

soldout-bora01New year’s I spent differently: i was at the white sand beaches of Boracay for four days, playing pop covers with the Sold Out Band for the guests of the Pearl of the Pacific hotel in the more plush area of the resort island. We were fed and housed so well that we definitely must have gained several pounds in the process. We were hired to play at the hotel for two nights: December 30 & 31, but we ended up playing [or rather, jamming] out of our own free will, on January 1 & 2 as well.

Definitely, it was fun to be away from the smoke and haze of manila’s deafening firecrackers, something which never fails to blacken nostrils and cause my allergies to act up. In place of that, we were playing 60s & 70s music in front of an eager [though smallish] audience, and watched fireworks which were picked more for their brilliant display than their ‘bang quotient.’ It didn’t hurt that our meals and drinks were on the house! In the end, it was lovely to be able to share that holiday with my brothers in the band.

I left Boracay on January 3, on the 11 am SEAir plane from Caticlan, which was a 20-seater propeller-run thingamjig that lurched at every air pocket. Still, it did bypass the need to travel an extra 2 hours to Kalibo in order to take a larger plane. And i got back to Manila by 12:30, at which point I hurried off to my next immediate appointment: my first day of class!


As i mentioned in this entry, i have returned to the academe after a ten year absence, and the return is a sweet homecoming which feels exactly like this was meant to be.

With sand literally spilling from the cuffs of my pants, and towing my rolling bag with me, i arrived at the De La Salle – College of St.Benilde at 1:00pm, with almost an hour and a half to get an informal mini orientation from my friend and co-teacher Mark, who thankfully warned me not to dismiss my students early because the Faculty Attendance Checkers randomly appear sometime at the beginning and then towards the end of your teaching period in order to see if you are present… and if you’ve let the students out early [which is a major no-no here].

Still, that first day of class was a sweet affirmation of what i’ve been trying to deny for so long: that i was born to teach. Within the first few minutes, everything came back to me– the posture, the boardwork, the vocal effort, the zest– it felt natural and second nature to me. Welcome home!

soldout-bora03Meanwhile, in the wake of the Tsunami disaster in nearby southeast asia, an international group of indie musicians named Artists Support Asia has cropped up with the idea of selling compilation cds and donating all proceeds to the relief effort. I was lucky enough to have joined up in the early stages of planning, and they picked my “Corpus Luteum” track [from my Downtampuhan EP on QED Records] for inclusion in the first compilation– a collection of electronic downtempo from indie musicians all over the globe. I was glad for the chance to help, using something which comes straight from the soul: my music.

So new year, new career, new emotional atmosphere. Resurrection time. I have once more joined the living, and walk once more during the daylight hours. And everything tastes of hope.



6 thoughts on “New Year Sand and Surf, Classes and Relief

  1. SOUND EDITING. although the official acronym (and like any school or organization, Benilde has a ton of acronyms) is SOUNDIT.

    what ya waiting for? Tama na yang Vietnam-vietnam na yan, magturo ka na! Go where your heart is! hehehehe


  2. I’m envious that you got to spend your New Year’s in Bora hehe. But you look happy so I’m happy for you dude! And like I told you on ym, congrats on finding another calling. :smile:


  3. yep, agree with the whole lot here. you know how to live. sana ganyan din ako ka talented na puedeng pag perahan ang passion ko. pero hindi e, kaya nag aaral ako. :lol: hopefully, a degree later, they (whoever they are) will pay me lots for doing what i love. pathetic, ano? now you know my motivations. :twisted:


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