Window Shopping Discoveries

Despite my run-in with the primadonna celeb client, i had a fun time yesterday traipsing thru Glorietta mall and Park Square, searching for palm accesories, and scouring the toy shops, bag shops and office supplies sections for cool stuff to window-shop for.

This is what i found:



If you are part of the PDA gen then Mobile1 in park square is definitely the place to be. Lotsa PALM, HP, and O2 gear, all of it official of course. However if you are only looking for cases/wallets for your pda, then head over to Digital Walker, another shop in park square but with the widest range of pda cases, camera bags, laptop bags, and even cellphone carrying cases, that i have seen. Digital Walker for me, is simply one of the best places to go to find gear for your hi-tech toys. And in funky colors too, not just the tried and tested black leather bags. They’ve got funky laptop messenger bags and backpacks , and even rock solid laptop sleeves. Lovely place. Too bad they don’t offer my all-time favorite laptop bag, the American Tourister backpack, which was only 2k as of 2 years ago at Robinson’s dept store, and is easily the most affordable of the high quality bags out there.



Somehow i found myself at Toy Kingdom in the splendidly renovated SM Makati, and was browsing the action figure section. Lovely figurines by the McFarlane toy company, especially the horrifically detailed Clive Barker Infernal Circus (?) series of carnival people. Prying myself away from these 700-900 peso toys, i went around to inspect the other wares, only to find – nothing more. Robot model kits, cheap ass plastic soldiers, balls, bikes, board games (ok pa yung mga ‘to), and a busy video game area.

There was a complete lack of toys which looked cool, yet could inspire creative play, and at the same time survive the heavy-handedness of a pre-teen owner. No Lego-type construction kits with their endless permutations of blocks, no cool heir to the GI Joe 6-inch action figure throne, or the Micronauts of the 70s, which was updated to Microman just a mere 3 years ago. Sad.

Seems to me that if someone can come up with a series of collectible AND playable toys which combine the creative permutability of Lego, the collectability of Star Wars, the pose-ability of GI Joes, and the cool factor of the Micronauts, that person would totally DOMINATE the sad sad toy market of today.


Of course, there is Stikfas. But really folks, would you pick stick figures over a fully-fleshed out Snake Eyes ninja GI joe 6-incher? I thought not.


On the way home however, I violated one of my own cardinal rules and took out my cellphone inside the MRT Edsa train, to send SMS messages to Andre and April. The penalty for breaking my own cardinal rule: I dropped my stored value ticket for the Metrotren MRT2, which still had around 50 pesos in it. That’ll learn ya, said an interior voice. Funny how I had just come from window shopping and spending 115 pesos on a 2pm lunch, and yet still feel bad about losing PhP50 on a train card. I guess it simply shows you my frugality.


7 thoughts on “Window Shopping Discoveries

  1. mas madali na bang mag commute papuntang marikina? san ka bumababa? cubao, diba? tapos ano, sakay ka ng lrt3 papuntang santolan? tapos sakay papuntang inyo sa may ligaya? ganon ba? curious lang. (nahihilo talaga ako sa code. hehehe whine whine whine)


  2. :razz: aba, masaya ang bata!!:nerdgirl: hehehe i love window shopping too! hirap kasi pag bibili ka talaga..hirap pumili at mahirap ang kumilatis(tama ba ang tagalog ko?) hahahaha

    dalawa na kami ni svelte…:shock: :arg: ang mga security code..

    ingat sa pagbibiyahe!


  3. It’s probably obvious to us that a toy that exists in a perfect space between playability, aesthetic and durability would be hell as expensive. That’s like trying to find food that is classy in taste, as rapidly prepared as fast food and as economical as home cooking: A right impossibility.

    I’d like to think that the toys of old such as those made by Kenner are something of an ideal, but that could just be nostalgia clouded hindsight on my part.


  4. well, boy tusok,
    i happen to agree that the kenner toys struck a good balance of all the aspects that make a toy great.

    thing is…. the chinese knock-offs of the Star Wars figures have all the potential of becoming great toys… if they’d only pay more attention to detail, and invent their own line… ah well… maybe that’s why good toys cost? yeah….. dang.


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