The other day, I went straight from class to the Japanese Embassy where I got a Japanese visa. I’m heading over there and performing on April 7, 2005 as part of the band of Pinoy world music geniuses Grace Nono and Bob Aves.

The show is part of the World Expo 2005, which showcases the culture and accomplishments of over 160 different countries, in a physical location more than a 100 hectares large .

Can’t wait.


14 thoughts on “Japanaman!

  1. hindi pumasok comment ko a. must’ve been those weird colours all over the numbers below! anyhow, i was saying, i wish i had just a grain of your talent so i could go places. and japan!!! wow. cool. kahit prod staff man lang, payag ako. :lol:


  2. We just want to wish you a :bday:! We know this isn’t the appropriate place to post this comment but wala ka kasing tagboard… hehe… :cat:

    So again, :bday:!:lol::grin:


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