The ClubV Gig from Hell

A few hours ago, my group CLONE played a gig organized by an events group at a VIP lounge in CLUB V, Makati. It was horrible. The worst part was, we weren’t in actual contact with the organizers since we’d accepted it from someone else who acted as booking agent.

Here’s an edited version of the email I wrote to the rest of the ElectronicaManila mailing list:

+ + +

discoYou may all want to think twice about playing for another gig organized by Marco Aventajado and his Cardinal Events group.

Despite arriving on time tonight (Friday March 11, 2005), all three of us performers (Karlo, JV, and I) found out there were no representatives from Cardinal Events. We were talking with the manager, Sonny, and apparently he was also wondering why Marco wasn’t there. No one showed up all night. We finished playing and packed up by 1:45 am and left, without being paid a single thing since the payment of talents is handled by the organizers and not the venue. All we had were 2 beers each.

Several other problems:
1. The VIP lounge where we played is a small back room , a smoking lounge. It is hidden from the main Club V area by curtains. And unless you go up the separate VIP lounge entrance, you’ll never know it was there.

2. Lots of people in Club V itself, no people in the lounge. Only JV’s lone visitor.

3. The DJ area where we played is not even in the actual lounge, it is in an adjacent area, formerly a storeroom. No aircon there, dudes. If you wanna play there, bring an electric fan. I’m SERIOUS.

4. The subwoofers in the VIP lounge are busted. Good luck with your bass notes.

5. The monitor speaker in the DJ area is not stereo, since it’s only one speaker. Just a warning in
case you’re wondering where your right channel went.

Cardinal Events is totally shot in my book. No more gigs from them. Totally unprofessional.

If you book talents you must — AT THE VERY LEAST — show up to make sure things go smoothly.

Basta we did our part: We were there on time, and we were professional and we played more than an hour each. We were cordial and coordinated well with the staff and the manager.

If only professionalism counted for much in this world.


3 thoughts on “The ClubV Gig from Hell

  1. mabait kayo dude. walang bayad? hassle!!! bad trip. ako nga, kahit 7.50 euros for 30 minutes lang, i make sure i’m paid. heheeh making sure may pang grocery man lang! mercenaries rule, dude.


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