ENGRISH in Japan

Because Catsudon asked, I had to make sure i took some of these shots for her collection of Engrish from around the world.

On the disposable razor at my hotel:

On the 100Yen Discman wallet:

On the hotwater thermos in my hotel room:


3 thoughts on “ENGRISH in Japan

  1. what the…?

    this is my third attempt to post a comment. why didn’t the other two get accepted? ggggrrrrrr….

    anyway, i said that tokyo has more “engrish” stuff (especially shinjuku). go there next time.


  2. hey! i have that discman wallet (didn’t know what it was). bought it from a $2 japanese store in vancouver.

    sorry for the spoiler on lost :lol:. you will still enjoy it, i promise.


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