Laccay’s Bday Bash Review

cloneduoIsa lang masasabi ko: the indie films rocked. Haven’t seen anything like that in CSB yet, sad to say. Meanwhile, ang tugtugan: masaya. Although many people were eating at Bellini’s when I was playing solo (my bandmate from CLONE couldn’t make it, so it turned out to be an ACID42 gig rather than a CLONE gig). Most of them only came out by the time Caliph8 was spinning his combination of jazzy broken beat and funk and hip hop. Astig.

Still, it was a blast to be performing electronica again, especially since my laptop went through a rough phase in the last month , when it was refusing to output audio properly. (A good defrag via Diskeeper, and uninstalling a whole buncha programs was all it took to get it back to shape.)

Ang saya! Booze was free-flowing, music was crisp and yummy, and I honestly haven’t had this much alcohol in AGES. Pinagsama-sama ba naman ang red wine, strong ice, san mig light, water at Coke. Tsk tsk tsk. Kaya pala ang saya ko kahit 2AM na.

Ended up chatting with the only 2 CSB people who came over, Aya and her music addik friend. Ang saya ng kwentuhan namin habang nakikinig sa DJ set ni Caliph8. Ang subject matter namin: from theft of security cams to Ministry of Sound, to music software to Cubao’s image. Buti na lang dumating kayo, kung hindi, siguro umuwi akong maaga!

Wheeee! Cheers! I raise my beer to the country’s endless supply of corrupt politicians! Oh, oonga pala…. Happy birthday, Mark!

Too bad wala akong pics. Namatay ang rechargeable AA batts ko. I need to buy a new set of 4. Any suggestions on brands are welcome.

Good night. 2:27 am na.


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