art-lionsolo-bwAndaming may acoustic gigs sa Metro Manila.
And they all play the same boring crap. Love songs, radio hits everywhere. Blecch. Paki-retire naman ang “If I Aint Got You” tsaka “Moonlight Over Paris”, please.

At our acoustic gigs, Ria and I try to sing alternatives to what everyone else sings, which is why we do a lot of jazzed-up 80s pop and new wave, and even 90s acid jazz, some 2000s tunes as well: from Tears For Fears to Workshy, from Basil Valdez to New Radicals to Coldplay. Pati originals namin na jazzy.

But I still need your help: ano ba ang trip niyong marinig na kanta sa acoustic gigs, na bihirang (o hindi) kinakanta ng ibang grupo?

I’m open to suggestions!! Any musical genre is fair game. Pwede naman namin i-rearrange na jazzy. REPLY AGAD!

. . . .

BTW, we play at Aruba Bar, metrowalk, 9pm-12mn, every Monday of July (free entrance), in case you wanna see if I’m telling the truth or just finding a sneaky way to promote our gigs.

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8 thoughts on “Requests?

  1. alternative turning to something jazzy.. That’s so interesting. You play at Aruba? That’s very nice. My friend Ron’s brother owns the place. We go there during the weekends but I would really like to see you perform live.

    Suggestions? It’s a bit tough… I always enjoyed Coldplay’s music… how bout “Yellow” and Matchbox 20’s “Unwell”? :razz:


  2. I AGREE! tigilan na rin ang true colors at love moves in mysterious ways! i hate it when my all-time fave songs (original versions) become theme song ng bayan.

    my preference for music is mainly influenced by my boylet lately, so i’m into dave matthews (#41, satellite, grace is gone), rockwell church (better days!), sister hazel (it’s all for you), etc…

    but i just love stacey kent! & mishka adams! i’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…autumn leaves…

    …and eva cassidy :)

    btw, got a boxful of mags at home, are you still into computer games? & since you’re into desperate housebands …este housewives, gusto mo rin ba ng hollywood tsismis? hehe. i’ll bring some when we go there.


  3. There’s so much I’d like to hear, but just off the top of my head — some Aimee Mann would be nice (although I don’t know what Ria’s voice sounds like). Or maybe like an old classic like “A Taste Of Honey” reinterpreted in a really fresh, different way — sort of how Lizz Wright recorded it recently.

    Will you still be performing at the same bar in mid-August? I’d love to catch your gig when I’m home then (I’m visiting for a week lang — so just one Monday to be able to hear you live).


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