Update in Random Sentences

No deep thoughts here, just a random sampling of my brain detritus.

– Haven’t blogged in a while and was inactive on my mailing lists. The reason: vacation with my wife Agnes for 3 weeks straight. We went to Hong Kong, Boracay, Pampanga, and to every conceivable mall in the area. We shopped for clothes mostly, watched a small amount of pirated DVDs, ate copious amounts of good food, met with a number of old friends, and took a gazillion pictures. In short, we had ourselves a grand time. She’s back in the States now, which is sad. But I *WILL see her soon. Check my picture albums at Multiply to see just how much fun we had.

– Meanwhile, time marches onward. A new term has started in the College of St.Benilde. I have 3 classes (a full load) but stretched out between only 2 days which is nice. I teach wednesdays and fridays, which leaves me more time to … I dunno? Watch copious amounts of pirated DVDs?

– The 7-in-1 pirated DVDs suck. Too much data loss. Each movie looks worse than the output from a VCD. I got a 7-movie horror dvd and was much dismayed. Horror talaga.

– But in the good news department, I was finally able to fix my laptop’s HDD. After the difficulties which I outlined in this blog entry, I brought my laptop to a shop, had the technician install Win98SE, and then after getting the external CDR to work (using the included floppy with the USB driver meant for use with Win98), was able to do a fresh install of WinXP. Except I couldn’t use my restore disk from Toshiba anymore since my hardware setup was different. Anyway, it worked. I had a fresh new HDD and was finally up and running a day before Agnes arrived for our vacation.

– Never fails.The TV show Friends makes me laugh. Doesn’t matter which season, or what episode. Haven’t followed the series in what seems like eons. What’s the point anyway? Every episode can stand on its own without further clarifications from past shows. Plus, the series finally ended, di ba?

– Coffee, black, brewed, mug, at 7:00pm and, I’m still awake 13 hours later.

– Defrag , must do it more often.

– Thank you Catsudon for upgrading my WordPress! Now I can pick a new look for the blog so easily. Lovely gumdrops.

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3 thoughts on “Update in Random Sentences

  1. :grin: the best vacation!!akala ko ba sabi mo di maganda ang bumili ng pirated dvd na 2-3 movies in one?? hmmmm.:neutral:

    interesting ang CSI na tv series.:razz:

    oonga, more time now that you have 2 classes in a week.. hmm :smile: give me lots of ideas :lol::grin: love yah!


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