Homage To Salvador Dali

I’ve always loved Salvador Dali‘s art. From the moment that his The Persistence Of Memory was etched onto my youthful brain, I’ve eagerly sought out his works in books and museums (and actually got to see some of them up close in the U.S.).

It’s probably the surrealist in me. The dream-loving artist in me. The illogical and the macabre part of me. Whatever it is, his art has moved me and inspired me in more ways than I can imagine. Probably because he was able to put onto canvas the landscapes of a dreamworld which we all visit.

Here are two recent works on Wacom tablet and using my favorite painting program Expression2 (which turns brushstrokes into paths), which have been directly inspired by Dali.

Under the Sleeping Moon photo sleeping-couple.gif
Under the Sleeping Moon

drawing dali homage small photo dalihomage2.gif
The Persistence Of Laziness (an homage to Dali)

me dali photo a42-salvadordali.jpg


4 thoughts on “Homage To Salvador Dali

  1. I don’t know how you can do such great work on a graphics tablet! To me, it takes a special kind of talent to be able to do that hehe. Some artists just come up with crap when they use those tablets. Galing!


  2. Julls: thanks for the compliments!

    GNO: WOW!!!! i love that bench! That’s right there’s a DALI museum in FLORIDA!!! all the more reason to get down there and visit your state. must… convince… wife….


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