10 Reasons to Smile

The following, in RANDOM ORDER, are things and people that brought smiles to my face in the past few weeks:

01. Bringing my 6-year-old Timex watch with a faulty strap to a Timex booth in Marikina Riverbanks mall, and finding out that all it needed was a couple of new spring bars to keep the strap in place. To top it all off, the woman who replaced the spring bars did it for free!

02. For Valentines, getting a bunch of chocolates from the dynamic love team of Tin and Yoe — both former students. How sweet naman! Literally!

03. Finishing the productivity-enhancing book GETTING THINGS DONE. And being inspired to get the “stuff” in my life in order… Starting by organizing my workspace.

04. Buying myself office supplies, including 43 folders, a corkboard, purple staple wires, magnets, clips, push pins and index cards.

05. Attending Mark and Ross’ wedding in the surprisingly refreshing venue of the La Mesa Dam EcoPark’s Orchidarium.

06. Hearing my wife’s voice over the phone, and knowing my home is wherever she is.


07. Receiving the CHARMED Season 3 DVD box set as payment for a sideline gig I did regarding music.

08. Seeing this T-shirt design. Isn’t she such a cutie?


09. Riding the LRT home one night and seeing someone holding on to the railing, with an abundance of golden glitters on his arm. He looked normal, otherwise. Graphic artist? Dancer? Kindergarten teacher? Who knows?

10. Discovering Ten Noodles in Harrison Plaza, and their Chicken Curry Noodles + bottomless iced tea. Lovely lovely joy joy. Chicken Curry Noodles = my new Big Mac.


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Smile

  1. There is so much that people wish to express during the valentine period. Most times people are unsure how to go about it. Such is the magic of flowers that by sending them as a gift you will not need to vocally express how much you care.


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