Clone at Campusition 07 this Saturday

laptop-dudeMag:net Cafe Katipunan proudly presents:

WHO: Saffron Speedway, The Lights of 1964, Nyctinasty, and Hymn of Siren!
WHEN: December 9, 2006 Saturday. 8pm

With Guest Performers: Reborn, Humble Sauce, Bestidas,  and Acid42 (with the help of One Lone Clone)

ENTRANCE FEE: at 150 PhP (with free drink)
WHERE: Mag:Net Cafe, Katipunan, located beside Rustans Fresh, across Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

If my information is correct, I get to start the show as opening act. Which means only one thing: COME EARLY! See you there!


So apparently, going to other people’s gigs is one way of inadvertently networking.

Because at last Saturday’s Undying Symphonies II gig in Timog, Laura of Saffron Speedway (my current favorite indie band) ended up inviting me to play some music at an event this coming Saturday at Katipunan. Out of the blue. Not having anything set in stone for that day, I said I could probably wing it. And so here is the official announcement.

Come on down, and come early, because Mag:Net is such a small place it can only fit about 50 people max. But it’s cozy and it’s near my house and it’s supportive of new artists and the sound system is cool. So there it is!

Come one, come all! Help support the indie underground!

Clone at workUPDATE: I contacted my music partner, Karlo Samson (Didipusrex), a.k.a. One Lone Clone to ask if he could help me out at the gig by providing some beats and he gladly accepted.

This means, I am more free to conduct digital chaos on keyboard onstage. ATTACK OF THE KILER CLONES!!!!!


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