My Days Are Filled With Music

I’ve been here three months. Gained a few pounds, as I always do. Eaten a few burgers as I am wont to do. Played a few instruments, and penned a few tunes as I usually do when I make the time to be creative.

In this unemployment limbo, while I apply for jobs online, and wait for a favorable response, I have filled my days with music.

Which in itself is something to be thankful for. As I remember complaining in the past that there was always so little time to devote to music. Well, I have nothing BUT time right now, so there is no excuse.



No surprise there. But I’ve found a treasure trove of classical recordings and have rekindled my affinity for classical music. I’ve recently borrowed audio CDs of composers such as Stravinsky, Bach, my favorite St.Hildegard of Bingen, and even Venetian Church Music by Vivaldi, Gabrieli and Monteverdi. It is this music I listen to on my daily morning walk to St. Joachim’s for the morning mass.


onefaithNever thought I’d ever get to the point where I’d be as comfortable playing the organ in church as compared to the piano or guitar. But anyway here it is. I’m actually enjoying getting the hang of an instrument I don’t really know all that well. Well as they say, practice makes perfect, and nothing’s better than daily practice.

Part of the process of playing the music for the daily Mass is picking the songs the night before and making sure the songs fit the theme of the readings. I’ve taken home one of the ONE FAITH songbooks in order to study a lot of the (largely) unfamiliar music, and it’s been a joy to discover new music. Much more, music which sounds better on an organ than on a piano or guitar. I’m only now realizing what a powerful instrument the pipe (and electronic) organ is, when you take the time to learn it properly.

My first priority 2 weeks ago, was to upload a bunch of the songs I’ve written for the Mass so that my former choirmates in EDSA SHRINE can access them. Ended up devoting a whole kaboodle of time and energy into fleshing out some SATB vocal arrangements for the choir and even making quick reference MP3s for them, and MIDI files which they can use for accompaniment.

The result is my Liturgical Music page which lists a bunch of songs I’ve written over the years, and the corresponding files that can be downloaded and distributed for free.

If you know of anyone who can make use of these music pieces, feel free to pass on the information.


Also, I’ve been diligently hitting the keyboard, and composing new material for yet another upcoming release on my QED RECORDS netlabel.

I recently collaborated with ARIEL, over in New Jersey, exchanging music files with him via email, to come up with a downtempo song called “Emblues In Repose”. Lovely how software can make collaboration so easy nowadays.

Then just today, I put together a quick composition entitled “Happyland” which is the name of a street near where I live. The song is a bit sad, but it still contains a pretty good rhythm.

I borrowed a live concert DVD of the 80s poprock group Talking Heads, which inspired me to come up with a cover version of their 1985 hit song,Burning Down The House,” which I uploaded as well.

I also edited an old composition called “Alec’s Empirical Precursor” and gave it a new life via compression.


4 thoughts on “My Days Are Filled With Music

  1. Lionel!

    Just hang in there. Ganyan talaga sa simula. Believe me, kapag andyan na ang trabaho ma-mimiss mo ang mga araw na ito. OK itong liturgical music posting mo. I’ve always wondered kung paano kaya kung gumagamit ng Propellehead Reason yung simbahan namin dito. Seeing you post about church music made me realize “MIDI in church” is not such a far fetched idea.

    Labas naman tayo minsan. I think there are a few electronica performances sa city pero tinatamad ako minsan lumakad na ako lang mag-isa.



  2. :grin:enjoy your days as a bum! mabibwisit ka rin naman pag pagod na pagod ka na sa work. while you fill your days with music, you’re also filling our lives with your orig sound. yebeh!!! laman na ng ipod ko! o di ba kahilera mo na sila hendrix, fall out boy, maroon 5, backstreetboys, britney spears (excuse me… yung 1st album songs lang ha!virginal!), etc! etc!


  3. I had the same reaction when I first entered the library here. I couldn’t believe I could take home books for free. I didn’t need to buy anymore unless I really wanted to. And I can take home CDs! and lately, DVDs! Hehehe. Enjoy!


  4. Nice to hear people getting so dedicated to music. Perhaps we could hear some of your compositions?

    as a dedicated guitarist I would love to be able to compose music but getting started with a song is just a hurdle I seem unable to overcome.

    Maybe one day!


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