How To Be An Alaskan Fisherman

Sometimes you find a link and you follow it through to the end, serendipitously hopping from url to url till something significant or eye-catching comes up.

Well, via art and weirdness blog Fecal-Face, I came across this story of a young art school student from California who drove up to Alaska to be a fisherman for the summer. He ended up doing some more than just summer jobs, in fact over 5 years of fishing after graduation from art school, and he embarked on his life’s work: photographing the modern fisherman. (And himself in the progress.)

His story is a lesson in employment (showing up for interviews dressed like the part, faking it till you can actually do it well) and tenacity. And his photographs. Ayayay. Superb, is all I can muster. Take a look and gape for the long haul.

LINK to the Fecal Face article.
LINK to the author’s website: Corey Arnold


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