Online Picasso Project

A typical problem for any web repository of a serious artist’s work is the lack of detail on his output, usually a lack of high-resolution images, and often, a lack of comprehensiveness in the output presented. Thus people have to hopscotch over many different websites in order to piece together info on artworks as well as find actual jpegs of the art.

Not so with the Online Picasso Project. Put together by Prof. Dr. Enrique Mallen the website is a well-presented, comprehensive website dedicated solely to Picasso and his voluminous output. It features a complete timeline of all his works by year, and a searchable index of all artworks. Artworks are all presented in medium resolution jpegs but can be viewed at higher resolution. (Finally, an art website that gets it!) The only thing lacking is a much more casual browsing experience for those who want to surf through the site randomly.

Just hopping from year to year, one can easily see why the man is a master: he worked hard and he worked ceaselessly. An inspiration to all artists.

LINK: Online Picasso Project


2 thoughts on “Online Picasso Project

  1. Only wish i had discovered this sooner,it’s a stunning,serious,chronological achievement of a life times work,a must for any fan,artist,researcher or student.Should be more sites on other major artists put together in this way,very inspiring and also humbling in the sheer self discipline the man imposed on himself to achieve such a body of work.
    Too many artist’s websites are just too amateur and unprofessional and dont do any justice to the creators output,often with too much tedious polemic and over-intellectualised nonsense and not enough emphasis on ‘looking’at high quality high resolution images-with the relevant dates and years in which they were made.


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