My Blog Evolution: From Slave to Catholic

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about this blog, its existence and its direction.

When I started nine years ago, this blog was my online diary complete with life lessons and reflections that were inspired by my then-job as a writer/editor at a monthly magazine. In between, it morphed into a repository of links, a rant outlet, a BoingBoing-like aggregator, and then in just the past year, a paid-to-blog site. There are posts in the archive that I am not proud of — posts which exhibit just how far away from my faith I’d strayed, posts which are irrational and disrespectful, posts which continue to prove how desensitizing exposure to sin can become. Because I was steeped in it, enslaved to it. Addicted to every hedonistic pleasure that the Net could give me: the downloads, the videos, the galleries, the forums. But no more.

If you go through the entries from 1999 till the present you’ll find a personal evolution towards this point, and it’s taken me long enough to realize it: I’m a communicator and I’m Catholic and I love my faith. And I haven’t been doing enough to say so.

Blogging should be about the things you love. I love my life, my family, my God. And I give thanks for all of them. And I realize that telling people about these things — about God and His mercy, about His church and His sacraments, about how God has blessed me and given me hope — is something I should have been doing more of a long time ago.

I once posted a manifesto about using talents for God’s greater glory. Funny how you can end up not following your own advice.

So allow me to clarify now why this blog exists:

To share the joys and trials of everyday life as a Catholic husband, son, artist, writer, communicator and musician, and to praise my God who created me.


Thank you to the RSS feeds which have led me to Catholic blogsites the world over that work tirelessly to spread the faith.

Thank you for Pope Benedict XVI’s general prayer intention for the month of May:

That Christians may use literature, art and mass media to greater advantage to favour a culture which defends and promotes the values of the human person.

Thank you for Fr. Stephen Cuyos’ inspiring powerpoint presentation called Faithcasting: using the new media to evangelize.

And once again, thank you to Fr. Stephen’s wonderful blogger’s prayer which includes this paragraph:

We ask You to increase our faith and our love for You that we may use blogging as an instrument to fulfill Your purposes. May we become bloggers of truth and promoters of peace.

My only response: Amen.

“Dada Cross.” Digital painting 2007.


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