Kicking and Dancing to Jumong

My unborn son blogs from the womb:

On February 5, 2009 I got a second batch of photos taken. They call this a Level 2 Ultrasound — sad to say, they’re still in black and white. And the output isn’t on glossy paper like the first set of ultrasound photos, this one was printed out by a grainy laser printer on copy paper using low-res jpegs. C’mon, people. Get with the 21st century! To top it all off, they spelled my mom’s name wrong! Tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway, ’twas cool to see this huge machine humming in a small room. And the ultrasound operator just banging away on this large green button every few seconds, taking photos of me. I had to get up and smile for the camera. Originally I thought the green button meant “laser fire” but my dad told me to stop talking in video game analogies.

A few days later, the OB doctor told us I was a pound and a half, and I was growing fine, and the ultrasound shows everything is normal. As long as he doesn’t say I’m overweight, I’ll continue liking him.

I’m kicking every day now. Feels good to stretch my legs. In fact, I like dancing especially when my parents are excited about something. Lately they’ve been watching a lot of this Korean drama called Jumong, which has them constantly shouting out “Yehh, pehya! (Yes, your majesty)” I think maybe pinaglilihi ako sa Jumong. (Don’t ask me to translate that because I wouldn’t know how.) I think also that they’re a bit addicted to seeing how the story plays out. Anyway, I dance to their excitement. Look at my legs! Whee! Now I’m tired. OK. Time to rest.

Jumong - the Korean tv drama my parents are addicted to
Jumong – the Korean TV drama my parents are addicted to.

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