Sold Out Band: the CFC Powerslam album

Back in 2006, in the middle of the chaos of teaching sound design classes, I had the privilege to serve with a music ministry for the Servants of the Lord (SOLD) in Couples For Christ (CFC), a Catholic charismatic community serving the widowers, the separated men, the single fathers, and those separated from their wives by distance. We were called the Sold Out Band and one of the last projects I was able to work with them on was a recording for a CFC conference.

We recorded live to a 2 sub-mixers feeding into a Korg D12 (12-track digital recorder), and in the span of 2 to 3 months, we recorded and finished some pretty passable in-studio tracks which were used as rehearsal tracks for the conference participants. The output was never dumped into a computer and edited more than applying a few onboard effects from within the D12, but we were quite happy with the result especially with the discipline that the act of recording gave the band.

Above is “Faithful and True,” one of the two songs where I was given the privilege of doing lead vocals. Listening to these tunes again has brought up an intense desire to “rock out” for the Lord. :D

Download the entire 12 song album on Bandcamp.

UPDATE 2010.01.07
I uploaded the audio onto Bandcamp, so you can freely download the entire album as a zip file, or whichever songs you desire. Sold Out Band on Bandcamp.


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