Hectic Saturday

Yesterday was a doozy of a day.

+ Sang for a funeral mass in Alabang at 7am, which required me to wake at 5:30am. Somehow it seems unfair to be paid for singing at a funeral mass (it feels like making money by taking advantage of someone else’s grief), but then again, I’m not about to give the money back.

+ Played a gig with the Sold Out Band at the Shepherd’s Weekend, a major gathering of Couples For Christ in the World Trade Center, Roxas Boulevard. We only played like two 15-minute sets and it was all over.

+ Took a cab home and slept for 3 more hours, before heading to:

+ My weekly 7:00pm anticipated Saturday mass at the Edsa Shrine with the Bluenotes choir. Was able to get there in time to play for the communion songs. And then joined them in a birthday bash at Cravings in Metrowalk where we had cheesecake (imported from another bakeshop) and lotsa stuff to eat.

+ Then by 10:30 went to join the Sold Out Band at Jun’s house where we had a simple salu-salo for our Brunei hosts, a few of the wonderful CFC people who hosted us during our stay in Brunei. It was fun. And we took some pictures. Here’s one.


+ Slept at 2:00 am. And dreamed about Hong Kong.


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